Three Four Five... (six, seven, eight, nine)

It is great that new people are discovering UPPERCASE magazine everyday! We often get requests for back issues, but issues #1 and #2 are completely sold, sorry. We do have backissues of #3 and #4 available while supplies last. I've added a new option in the shop where you can order #3, #4 and the current #5 which will be mailed out now in one package AND a subscription for the next four issues. (You save a bit of money this way, too.)

Despite many requests, I can't afford to reprint backissues — and reprinting a magazine does deny the ephemeral and "of a moment" nature of a magazine. So once the print version is sold out, that's it for the physical version. I am considering making digital versions of soldout issues available either as downloads or perhaps reinterpreted for the iPad... Although UPPERCASE's ethos is firmly rooted in the tactile world of print and paper (long live print!), I'm proud of our content and do think it deserves a wider audience. I'm also interested in the future of publishing and see potential with the iPad for certain kinds of content delivered to specific audiences.

What do you think? Would you want a digital download of out-of-print issues? What fee would you pay? Would you read UPPERCASE on an iPad? Would you be interested in a print and iPad subscription combo? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below. I'm curious!