Studiocanoe: Temujin Doran

I was really taken with the Facts on Projection film (posted below), so I clicked through to find out more about Studiocanoe. I discovered many interesting and intelligent films created by Temujin Doran, who also narrates and composes the music for his films. Multi-talented, Temujin is an artist whose line drawings are quite beautiful. (How serendipitous that the black lines and red balloon echo my previous journal posts!)

Temujin Doran is an illustrator and filmmaker based in London. He graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 2008, and the years he spent by the sea were perhaps the best of his life. His drawing work is stylistically detailed, often displaying a penchant for historical subjects, high-seas adventure and delightful nonsense. When not too busy drawing or making films, he projects 35mm movies in a lovely old single screen cinema.