First Thursday: Crowd Sourcing Show


June 3, First Thursday
One night only from 4-9pm
refreshments will be served!

A creatively uncurated exhibition of works by friends of UPPERCASE and one communual canvas collaboration!
Taking our cue from the popularity of social media and crowd sourcing, let's give this a try in a gallery setting: bring your work to UPPERCASE on Thursday, June 3 between 4-6pm for display. It can be a painting, drawing, sewn item, photograph, sculpture or you may even read from your latest poem or work in progress. The only stipulations being that the work should be ready to hang and be family-friendly. (If you'd like to sell your work, the split is 60% to the artist. Please price accordingly. Work doesn't have to be for sale.)
We will also have a canvas for those who want to have some hands-on fun and play with our collection of letraset, rubber stamps, and other inspiring goodies.