Today at Rare Device

Leah Giberson's solo show at Rare Device (San Francisco) opens tonight!

"I begin each piece with photographs of seemingly ordinary and mundane scenes, which I then paint directly upon to distill and reveal the visually poignant moments that exist all around us, but are usually overlooked," says Giberson. There is a quiet anxiety and loneliness in her images of isolated houses, empty chairs, abandoned pools and vacant streets. Shadows loom from unknown/unseen sources, horizon lines become uncomfortably close, people are absent and clues about time and geography are obscured."

We're pleased to have a Work-in-Progress Society feature about Leah in the current issue. Also in the current issue is a great piece about Molly Winzenberg (Orangette) and Brandon Pettit written by contributor Victoria Smith. Victoria will also be at Rare Device this evening for a Pinterest meet-up. (Here's my Pinterest.)

Oh you lucky people in San Francisco! But soon, the UPPERCASE gang will be in your amazing city. The Renegade Craft Fair is on the horizon.