Sneak Peek: The Elegant Cockroach

The Elegant Cockroach: Love, Longing & Six Legs

Literature, fine wine and a Spanish guitar are elegant pastimes. But in the big city, passing the time simply isn't enough. The Elegant Cockroach longs for more…

Written by Deidre Anne Martin and illustrated by Stefanie Augustine, The Elegant Cockroach is a charming storybook for whimsical grown-ups and sophisticated children.

This book is a labour of love for all involved. Deidre has poured her heart into the story and has patiently waited to find the right collaborators to see it published. Deidre and I are both long-time fans of Stefanie Augustine (her work has appeared in the magazine and she has participated in past gallery exhibitions). Stefanie did a great job of creating the character design of The Elegant Cockroach and the visual representation of his life and surroundings. It was a pleasure to lend my typographic and design skills to the project and another happy moment for UPPERCASE publishing. We look forward to the launch and art exhibition in UPPERCASE gallery, dates to be announced.

We await delivery date confirmation for the book, but it will be shipping this fall. As you can see from the printer proofs shown here, we are at the final stage! 32 pages, full colour, black cloth hardcover with copper foil with full colour dustjacket. Available for preorder in the shop!