Sneak Peek: The Elegant Cockroach

It's a book!

Yesterday I received some preview copies of The Elegant Cockroach! Congratulations and thanks to Deidre Anne Martin (writer) and Stefanie Augustine (illustrator). I designed and published the book. We will be celebrating this publication the First Thursday of October with an exhibition of the artwork and Deidre will be in attendance to sign copies. A story about finding love in the big city, I call it "a picture book for whimsical adults and sophisticated children." And it's the perfect book to set the tone for October. (see more pictures here.)

Pre-orders are available; The Elegant Cockroach book orders will ship later in October once we receive the full shipment from the printer. (This one was printed in China, so it will take some time to cross in ocean freight.) This book can also be purchased as part of our book bundle, so you would receive this book in October, followed by Work/Life 2 in February, A Collection a Day by Lisa Congdon in March and The Suitcase Series: Dottie Angel in June.