Issue #11 preview (and iphone advice, please)

instagram pic by Karyn ValinoI'm still waiting for the truck to arrive with my many hundreds of pounds of magazines. But many of the fine stockists have already received their shipments, like the workroom in Toronto. (Thanks, Karyn, for the instagram pic!)

I had planned on taking my own instagram pics and twitter about the new issue but my technology is not cooperating. My iphone has worked a-ok for a couple of years, but this morning I dropped off Glen's phone at the repair shop (alas, his met its match with a muddy puddle). After exiting the repair shop, I checked my phone for the time and proceeded on my way. Twenty minutes later, I got to my office and tried to use my phone and it doesn't even turn on! I've tried to restart it to no avail. My first thought was that the repair shop is an evil genius that can transmit "no-workie" signals to unsuspecting phones so that they need repair. It had a full charge this morning.

The frustrating thing is that learning from Glen's unfortunate incident, I was all set to sync my phone on my work computer so that I would have all the videos and pictures of Finley safe and sound. Now what should I do? I don't want to lose anything! The more I think about the pictures on my phone, the sicker I feel. Anyone have recommendations on recovering an iphone 3G without erasing images?

Looks like I'll be heading back to the repair shop on my walk home. ugh!!!