JetPens - Love at First Write

Next Monday the fine folks at JetPens and I will be hosting a fun giveaway. If you haven't been on the JetPens website, be prepared!!! You are going to want to buy so many things. Specializing in difficult-to-find, high quality and Japanese writing implements, there's a seemingly infinite selection of inspiring tools for writing, calligraphy, sketching and marking of all sorts. Inspired by their name, here's a post of jet-black pens and ink.

You may wonder what makes Asian pens so special. JetPens has an interesting answer:

"Kanji (Chinese characters) are much more complex than the English alphabet. A single character can have up to 30+ strokes! As a result of this intricacy, many writing instruments in Asia are much more precise than those available in the United States. At JetPens you'll be amazed to find fine point writing instruments that you can't find anywhere else in the world. In addition, we have mind-boggling colors that will beat the selection at any local office store. JetPens is a home for pen fanatics."

Look for more about JetPens on Monday!