Owl costume

It is a major triumph when I find/make time to sew something. Here is Finley's first Hallowe'en costume. It was fun to put together... I just made a vest that is large enough to fit over his winter jacket (it snowed this morning) and made some wings. The materials are remnant pieces I took from my mom's stash of leftover suiting material as well as some cut-up trousers from Glen. There's some French General linen that was part of a table centrepiece at The Creative Connection and some Fog Linen swatches that were part of an issue of Selvedge magazine. The brown ribbon is leftover from my wedding decorations and I think the piece of gold fabric was my grandma's. It's nice to have a variety pile of fabric on hand because if I had had to go out and buy this stuff I don't think the project would have happened at all. Hoo hoo hooray for all of us packrats!