DesignThinkers: Chip Kidd (!!!!)

Photo from RGD Ontario

I've been a fan of Chip Kidd's book cover design for a long time. But I must say that Mr. Chip Kidd, presenter, is also entertaining and amusing and complex—and more flamboyant! The first half of his presentation was funny, affected and full of ATTITUDE.

Case in point, on design for printed books:

photo by Allison Toohey"Creative people should have a mantra, something to provide peace and solace in times of stress..." he advised. Expecting some wise words, the audience listened attentively. Kidd shared his mantra: "Oh my god! this is an F*ing nightmare!" We all laughed, realizing that we all have our own version of this exclamation that we utter to ourselves during the frustrating times.

Photo from RGD OntarioHe then elaborated with a detailed story involving a long line for KFC, a greasy cashier and a man ordering three buckets of chicken and how it resulted in a new mantra...

Photo from RGD OntarioKidd dotted his presentation with words like "rapidograph", "photostat" and "Quark", playing up his persona as an old school designer. His hairstyle, glasses and cardigan were also suitably old school (or at least mid-nineties). The second half of his presentation chronicled the development of his dream project: to write an original Batman comic which is slated for release sometime next year.

Chip Kidd was a tough act to follow, especially for the gentlemen of Chermayeff and Geismar who appeared quite tired for their keynote address which closed day one of presentations.