ALT Summit: get the party started!

I'm looking forward to the Altitude Design Summit coming up (quickly!) in January. UPPERCASE magazine will be represented there—I am helping the folks at Squarespace plan their mini party (I've had my blog on Squarespace since 2004). Our concept is "handmade by you". I have a unique photo/video booth activity in the works, free magazines, DIY "dessert it yourself" sundae bar… I'm going my best to make the party fun and memorable.

I would like to incorporate the handwriting and scribbles of lots of different people which I will then used to design some paper decorations. As ALT attendees and friends of UPPERCASE, I am inviting you to get the party started…

Using a black marker or Sharpie, please handwrite the phrase "handmade by you" a few times and make some abstract scribbles or doodles on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of white paper. No need for perfection or to design the page in any way, just take 5 minutes and go for it! Please scan the paper (300dpi greyscale is fine) or take a picture of it and send it back to me here. thanks!!!