Sampler winner

Thank you to all for your great comments. There are really so many deserving recipients with sincere and sweet ideas, but I was intrigued and amused by the idea of a Letterpress Gang in Nova Scotia! Though there are plenty of greeting cards in the Samplers, a lot of the samples are very design-oriented which would be most appreciated by other designers and printers. I hope the Letterpress Gang can be inspired by the sampler and in turn create more letterpressed items and continue to spread the letterpress love across the nation! We need more creative letterpress printers in Canada.

Sarah wrote: I know if I won the designer in me would be tempted to keep them all to myself, but I'd have to share them with my fellow letterpress lovers... I belong to a small group of dedicated letterpress enthusiasts (the Letterpress Gang) who meet every Monday, rain, hail or snow (we're in Nova Scotia) to create letterpress art to share with the community and raise awareness of the wonderful art of letterpress. We're always looking for, and sharing, beautiful and inspiring samples (we are anxiously awaiting delivery of our new Uppercase magazines to see which sample we get!). Maybe one of the pieces could find it's way onto my wall!