A note on the postal system

My fellow Canadians, I have been receiving your queries about the status of your magazines! Even my mom is emailing, "where's my magazine?" I realize they are taking longer than usual to reach our Canadian subscribers and I have alerted the mailing house to look into it. Thanks for your patience; the Canada Post system is truly the definition of snail mail.

If you have placed a recent Canadian subscription order through our website (late January and onward) then these copies are sent from our fulfillment house per usual.

Please note that the delivery times for all orders placed in the shop are also at the mercy of the postal system here in Canada and abroad. I push the orders to the fulfillment house as soon as possible, but once in the mail I cannot know how long each shipment will take: winter storms in the eastern USA, heavy snowfall in the UK, floods in Australia... these things delay individual shipments and are beyond anyone's control.

If I could hand-deliver the magazine to each and everyone of you, I would. It causes me great stress knowing that so many people are still waiting, but I have to trust that the mailing and fulfillment houses are doing their jobs in getting orders out as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.