First Thursday this week!

Snap + Tumble

In celebration of the release of the latest issue of the magazine for the creative and curious, UPPERCASE presents "The Touchy Feely Letterpress Exhibition" and "The Perfect Match Miniature Label Montage".
The current issue features a Letterpress Sampler in which an actual letterpress item like a card, art print or other goodie is inserted randomly into each magazine. You can see (and feel) all the submissions at the exhibition in the gallery, read about all the letterpress printers in the magazine, and view their work in our online gallery.
We're giving away a dozen complete samplers, each containing over 50 amazing items. Stay tuned to the blog through the month of February for details. Come down to Art Central this Thursday to win one in person!
Also on display are vintage matchbox labels; have your own free label that comes with a purchase of the magazine or a subscription.
A must-see show for lovers of letterpress and those enamored with ephemera! Join us this Thursday, February 3 from 5-9pm for a warm reception.