There's an app for that!

We are pleased to announce that the Work/Life 2 iPhone app is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD in iTunes!

The Work/Life 2 app is a companion to Work/Life 2: The UPPERCASE Directory of Illustration, a 224-page book featuring the art of 100 illustrators from around the globe. The app allows for some features that go beyond the book: search the participants by region and style, contact the artists directly, and follow news from the UPPERCASE blog.

Both the book and app include a range of talents, some fresh from school, some returning back into the work groove after raising families, and some hardworking creatives whose career already span a few decades. The common trait with each participant is their enthusiasm for their craft and their sincerity in presenting their best work.

Everyone's illustrations look stellar on the iPhone... here are some samples below. Download your free Work/Life app today and discover your new favourite illustrator.

Big thank you to Glen for creating the app!

We hope that you will enjoy perusing the app! If you want to learn about the artists in greater detail, each person is profiled in the book with images of their studios, sketchbooks and creative inspirations.