Work/Life 2: Julia Minimata

Julia Minimata is featured in both Work/Life (2008) and Work/Life 2 (2011). It speaks to the success of the first edition that many participants wanted to be part of Work/Life 2 as well. Julia's illustrations are of particular interest, especially when you realize that she uses silkscreen as her medium! She talks about the time management involved in using silkscreened prints for illustration in the latest book.

Julia is a graduate of Sheridan College and currently lives in Toronto. On her blog, Julia shares an anecdote about the illustration published in Work/Life 2 (involving fellow Work/Life 2 participant — and one of my former ACAD instructors — Rick Sealock).

"I was so excited to be given the opportunity to participate in this project for the second time," Julia writes. "I wanted to create a dreamy feeling, that dazed feeling of lying out in a field in the late summertime, staring at the sky."

The original silkscreen prints of this image and others are available on the Jullia Minamata Etsy Shop.