Work/Life 2: Jason Neil (Don't forget to VOTE!)

Jason Neil's illustration portfolio is defined by its amount of Canadian content. "I have always been involved in current affairs and things of a political nature, which along with my love for travel have been a great influence in my work. I'm fascinated with Canada, it's history and you will see aspects of this patriotism in my work as well." If you need any illustrations of the current federal election in Canada, then Jason's your man!

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I'm not a very political person, but with Canada having its fourth federal election in seven years, it is time to elect a government that will last—and make some lasting changes. Jack Layton has had my vote from the beginning of the campaign and his positive conduct throughout has only reinforced that decision. I hope the current momentum for the NDP continues over the next few days and we see some exciting results on Monday. I'm not one to post a sign on my front lawn, but I think social media can really have a positive effect, at the very least to encourage people who would normally ignore elections to become engaged.

Allow me to indulge in posting this sign on my virtual lawn:

Whatever your political leanings, fellow Canadians, please don't forget to vote on Monday, May 2!