Work/Life 2: Julien Chung

Julien Chung is a prolific illustrator from Quebec who specializes in licensing his artwork. His cute and graphic animal characters have appeared in surface designs, on products, packaging and in 3 dimensions. Julien shares a new commission with us:

"I'm happy to announce that Ritzenhoff has added this very Canadian scene to their Aqua line this month. The water glass features two of my polarbears taking a swim in icy Arctic waters. On the inside bottom of the glass, a happy polarbear smiles up at you. The design is printed with transparent inks, in blue and white. This is my 28th collaboration with this German glassware company. Available in giftshops online and around the world."


Julien classifies his animal character designs into categories such as baby modern, kid zoo, woodland friends and modern ark. The various styles and licensing information are available on his portfolio website. Visit his blog for images of his work applied to finished products as well as new works. Read more about Julien and peek into his studio in Work/Life 2: the UPPERCASE directory of illustration.

Here is Julien's fantastic illustration created for Work/Life 2, below. I sure wish I had a few extra arms or tentacles for multi-tasking!