Work/Life 2: Kate Endle

Kate Endle is a collage artist based in Seattle. In my household, we are particularly fond of her children's board book "Who Hoo are You?" (available online at Buy Olympia and at Land, Portland). It was one of Finley's first books and is definite favourite.

Kate's studio is full of amazing collections and inspirational bits of paper and textures.

You can see read more about Kate and her creative process in Work/Life 2 and see more in her portfolio.

Special note: I must admit an error in the book, we listed The Land of Nod, Real Simple, Chronicle Books, Galison/Mudpuppy and IKEA as existing clients in her roster when in fact these are her list of dream clients. However, her actual client list is just as impressive and includes Sesame Street Workshop, Scholastic, Macy's and McGraw Hill among many others. My apologies to Kate for the mixup. I'm sure these companies will be flattered to know they're considered dream clients.