Contributor: Christine Chitnis

Congratulations to UPPERCASE contributor Christine Chitnis on the release of her new book Markets of New England. We've been priviliged to have Christine's words and images grace the pages of UPPERCASE a few times—and in the current issue, Christine takes us behind the scenes of the making of her new book:

"Good things seem to come in pairs, so when I found out I was pregnant with my first, it seemed only fitting that an offer to write my dream book would shortly follow.

Combining my love of writing, photography, and travel, I set out to unearth the top fifty markets—both farmer’s markets and art markets—in New England. Although this was to be a travel book, I wrote it with a greater purpose in mind...."

"When we use our collective consumer power to support artisans—beekeepers, cheese mongers, weavers, and woodworkers—we are insuring that our communities remain unique, thriving places to live. In this age of big-box stores and mass-produced items, it has become all the more important to invest in our local economy. . . one artist, one farmer, one shop at a time."

Markets of New England is published by The Little Bookroom, a fine publisher of travel guides, journals and notebooks. Coincidentally, we also have a profile of Louise Fili in issue #9, the design director for many of The Little Bookroom's lush typographic covers.

Christine Chitnis is a writer, photographer and environmental educator. She lives with her husband and son in Providence, Rhode Island. Her writing has appeared in Country Living, Time Out New York, ReadyMade and The Washington Post. She has a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Colorado.