Participate: the 10 best...

I can hardly believe that I am working on issue 10 (summer) already! TEN issues... that's over 1000 pages of content created so far.

In honour of number 10, I invite you to list your creative spin on "the 10 best ______." 

For example:

"the 10 best reasons to sleep in"

"the 10 best tools for drawing"

"the 10 best books on design"

"the 10 best places to find inspiration"

"the 10 best excuses for procrastination"

"the 10 best fixes for writer's block"

"the 10 best methods to jumpstart creativity"

Please compile your own "the 10 best" list: be serious or be funny, be practical or be fantastic. Be creative, be curious! Leave it in the comments or email janine {at} uppercasemagazine {dot} come with "10 best" in the subject field. Please provide your full name so that you can be credited should your submission be published. thanks! DEADLINE: MAY 20

Here are my "the 10 best qualities of UPPERCASE readers"

1. Enthusiastic
2. Talented
3. Generous
4. Sincere
5. Inquisitive
6. Connected
7. Inspiring
8. Optimistic
9. Friendly
10. Appreciated!