Help wanted!

Over the summer, UPPERCASE will have a booth at the Renegade Craft Fairs in Brooklyn, San Francisco and Los Angeles. We're looking for individuals in those cities to assist us for a couple days.
There are two positions available in each city, one representative who will be able to take care of some pre-event and post-event responsibilities for us and help us run the booth over a weekend. We also need one or two people who have no pre-event and post-event duties, but simply need to show up at the event and help us as booth attendants.

UPPERCASE representative

  • Receive shipments of inventory from UPPERCASE prior to the event and store these until the Renegade event.
  • Transport inventory to the event site and back each day - a car or access to one is required.
  • After the event is complete, facilitate shipping of remaining product to the next location.
  • Pick up necessary supplies that are easier to buy locally than ship.
  • Plus booth attendant duties as described below.
  • We'll reimburse any costs associated with these tasks.

An honorarium will be provided.

UPPERCASE booth attendants

  • Show up at the event an hour prior to opening to help us set up the booth.
  • Greet attendees, answer questions about UPPERCASE products, handle and record transactions using tools and instruction supplied by UPPERCASE.
  • We will be on-site at all times to help.

An honorarium will be provided.

Additional Perks:
One-year subscription or renewal
Post event dinner

Event dates, hours & locations:
You must be available on the dates below in your city.

Brooklyn: June 11-12, 10am to 8 pm, McCarren Park - all positions for Brooklyn are now filled. 
San Francisco: July 9-10, 10am to 8pm, Fort Mason Center
LA: July 16-17: 10am to 8pm, Los Angeles State Historic Park

For more information about the fairs visit the Renegade Craft Fair website.

To apply, please email with a description about yourself (ie craft fair or retail experience and/or resume and pertinent urls) and please specify if you are applying to be a representative or booth attendant in which city. 


All positions for Brooklyn are now filled. We still need both a representative and booth attendant for LA, as well as a representative for San Francisco. Thank you!