Work/Life 2: Communication Arts coverage

The Communication Illustration annual has quite a nice representation of Work/Life 2 participants. First up is Michael Byers, who is profiled in the fresh talent column:

(The illustration in the middle of a man fishing is Michael's Work/Life 2 contribution.)

Thom Sevalrud's Work/Life 2 illustration is included as well! And Renata Liwska's book projects are nicely featured:

Julia Breckenreid has a black and white illustration chosen:

Also included in the annual is Calgary-based illustrator Karen Klassen (Work/Life first edition, UPPERCASE magazine) for some of her unpublished personal portraiture work.

There are also many other talented illustrators included in the annual who have graced the pages of UPPERCASE and other past books such as Byron Eggenschwiler, Jody Hewgill, Sam Weber, Jesse Lefkowitz, The Heads of State, Ty Mattson, Joe Morse, Christopher Silas Neal, . It is an honour to work with so many talented people, thank you!