In Toronto

I haven't been to Toronto in a very long time. Perhaps it has been over ten years... so long ago that I can't really remember when. Glen, Finley and I are here on a whirlwind trip; we return home (briefly) and then go Edmonton to spend the weekend at the Royal Bison Craft Fair.

It was great to have dinner with my friend Aaron, from my good ol' art school and x-files days, and his wife Karen. (Both have written for the magazine. Aaron has an extensive interview with Jeff Rogers in the next issue.)

Another highlight was finally getting to visit the workroom in person. We profiled owner Karyn Valino in the  first issue of UPPERCASE and she and her sewing shop have been very supportive of the magazine. What a great space! Oh, the fabrics. I've lusted after them via her flickr stream, but to see and feel them in person was a treat. I bought a stack of fat quarters, just because. (Who am I kidding? I never have time to sew!) Karyn interviewed Sian Keegan for Issue #10, out in July.

(by the way, the workroom has backissues of 6 and 7 in case you're looking for those.)