Eat cake.

When planning a new issue, I don't always start with a defined theme, but as content is considered and gathered, connections are often made that lead to interesting people, places and things. The themes emerge organically. The current issue has two major themes: creativity expressed through food and gardening. In researching the topic of food and creativity, we asked our blog readers "How has a love of food inspired your creativity?" Janice of Papier Valise and Scissor Variations had an excellent response that we also printed in this issue:

"I get excited about food and cooking the same way I get excited to start an art project—the finished ‘project’ is the sum of its parts and the end result is always satisfying. A willingness to try something new, whether it be a recipe or art medium has always taken me to interesting places creatively. And what's not to love about an edible mistake?"

Janice very generously brought two slices of her amazing cake to last night's First Thursday. Mmmmm! So delicious, thank you Janice. {photo from her blog, I already ate mine!}