TypeCon2011 Recap #4

Saturday began with a fantastic presentation by Nick Sherman, despite the fact that he had only 48 hours to prepare his talk (he was pinch hitting for David Berlow). But given his disgustingly vast type knowledge, nobody was surprised that he pulled it off. In fact, our host Allan Haley tried to black-ball him from the Type Quiz that evening, hoping to give the rest of us a fighting chance.

Next was John Berry, former editor and publisher of U&lc magazine, to discuss book design and what that means in a Kindle world, stating "You can't design books if you don't read them." And following John were the charming and adorable 3 Guys in Hats (aka Scott Boms, Brian Warren, and Luke Dorny) to share their Web Font Survey findings, declaring "web designers simply want the same control print has enjoyed for decades."

Later that afternoon was the Critics Critique Critics panel with Matthew Carter, John Downer, and Akira Kobayashi. This entertaining discussion was part roast and part critique of each other's work, concluding with John's remark, "I tend to work well with younger women, Akira tends to work well with older men, and Matthew tends to work well with dead guys." To which Matthew replied, "Yes, because they give very little feedback."