San Francisco Renegade was great! When I get a chance I'll post all about it and the fabulous vendors. But first, we are looking for one or two more helpers in Los Angeles since one of our helpers had to cancel.

UPPERCASE booth attendant

  • Show up at the event an hour prior to opening to help us set up the booth.
  • Greet attendees, answer questions about UPPERCASE products, handle and record transactions using tools and instruction supplied by UPPERCASE.
  • We will be on-site at all times to help.

An honorarium will be provided.

Additional Perks:
One-year subscription or renewal
Post event dinner

Event dates, hours & location:
LA: July 16-17: 10am to 8pm, Los Angeles State Historic Park

For more information about the fairs visit the Renegade Craft Fair website.

To apply, please email with a description about yourself (ie craft fair or retail experience and/or resume and pertinent urls). Thank you!!!