Renegade SF: 16 Sparrows (and a happy typewriter)

16 Sparrows is a delight for those infatuated with mail art, letter-writing, stationery and the lost art of typewriting. (Annie, I think that's you!)

From their website: "Who are you and how did this all start? 16 Sparrows sprouted from an observation that there were no greeting cards for sarcastic, quirky folks. So Kathy began making her own and after my paper goods out numbered friends and family, she knew something had to be done. With the encouragement of two close friends; Milly & Ilya, Kathy opened up shop. (This is the clean up version of what happened. If you ask Milly or Ilya, the birth of 16 Sparrows occurred in a bar over a table covered in empty beer bottles.) In 2006 Miss Donovan joined Kathy and 16 Sparrows became a partnership. Thanks to her, 16 Sparrows has expanded its product base and has gone on to have great success at craft fairs & retail stores. Donovan and Kathy both share an interest in smart-ass pretty things, which is a commonality that has made their partnership a success."

Donovan, Kathy and Annie are friends with the co-author of the amazing book Good Mail Day, so I had the chance to meet Carolee Gilligan Wheeler, whose mail art we included in a previous issue. There was a VERY happy moment when Carolee gave Annie a typewriter! Check it out on Annie's blog, Curbside Treasures.