TypeCon2011 Recap #1

Hi everyone! My name is Carolyn Sewell and I am super thrilled to be UPPERCASE magazine’s TypeCon2011 correspondent and guest blogger this week! I want to thank Janine for not only sponsoring this amazing conference, but also offering me the chance to attend my own version of Disneyworld (grits AND typography!) on behalf of my favorite magazine. I’m honored, geeking out, and extremely hungry.

From the first paragraph you can probably tell that I’m not Canadian. Although my in-laws live in Toronto and Windsor, Ontario, I was raised in the Deep South in a small Mississippi town and moved to Washington, DC almost 10 years ago. I am a graphic designer and illustrator (designistrator?) and July 11th will be the 3rd anniversary of me owning my own business!

Several years ago I started a blog called Pedestrian Typography, where I posted photos of typography spotted on the streets...similar to the photos featured in UPPERCASE Issue #6 (specifically Typography for the People and Steve Powers’ Love Letters). After a few years of doing that I became interested (read: obsessed) in hand-lettering and decided to start the project Postcards To My Parents, where I hand-drew and mailed a postcard to my parents every day for a year. And after that I couldn’t stop, so I started Postcards To My Peeps. Although I don’t send one every day, I’m slowly getting a card out to everyone I care about or admire. It’s gonna take a while.

And when I’m not designing for clients or sending postcards to my peeps, I’m taking sketchnotes at various design lectures and events. What started out as my anti-Twitter proclamation at the AIGA Design Conference in Memphis has now grown into a full-blown hobby (and now I tweet as well, @carolynsewell). So this week I plan to post my photos, sketchnotes and food ramblings from TypeCon2011. I hope you enjoy.

Now please pass the hot sauce.