Renegade San Francisco: here we come!

Just a little interjection into Carolyn's excellent coverage of TypeCon... Glen, Finley and I are in San Francisco for this weekend's Renegade Craft Fair. If the Bay Area is your fine home, please come by and say hello! We participated in last year's fair and it stands out as the epitome of craft fairs—excellent venue and impeccable curation and quality of work.

Thank you to Kathleen, Annie and Margaret for helping us this weekend. (I've been meaning to post the work of the Brooklyn team's portfolios and blogs—Mark, Dawn, Erin, Correy—but getting issue 10 to the printer and off to subscribers and dottie angel's 256 pages designed took up all my time between these two Renegade bookends! You wouldn't believe how busy I have been in the past months. Finding the time to do anything blog-related has been tough.)

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Today I'm going to take it easy and explore San Francisco.