TypeCon2011 Recap #3

Yesterday was so jam-packed with presentations—ranging from hand engraving to web fonts to the science of legibility vs. readability—that I struggled to process all the information and take notes. Today's post will be a bit short as I actually think my brain is starting to leak from my ears. But don't fret, there will be a double-dose of sketchnotes in tomorrow's wrapup.

Although I didn't take many notes, I did manage to go out for lunch a shoot some signage. Yvette Rutledge's morning lecture about her local company Mystic Blue Signs (similar to images featured in the UPPERCASE Issue #8 profile of The Sign Painter Movie) is what inspired me to do so. I couldn't wait to hit the streets and photograph the amazingly vast collection of hand-carved, hand-painted, and gold leafed signs that are EVERYWHERE! Below is just a handful of photos from my outing. Expect even more over the next few days.