dottie angel goodies: vintage buttons

The dottie angel book is part biography, part storybook, part crafty how-to and entirely inspirational. Tif is so generous in spirit that readers will be motivated to pick up a needle and thread, hook and yarn and paper and scissors. dottie angel expounds on the "goodly and righteous path" of crafting and thrifting. So to get you on that path with ease, the book includes a glassine envelope of goodies:

• lucky bunny postcard
• dottie angel card of colourful thread
• swatch of vintage fabric (either pretty sheets or barkcloth)
• vintage button(s) (preorders will receive a vintage card of buttons, while supplies last)
• doily bits (preorders, while supplies last)

Here's a photograph of some of the button cards, composition inspired by Lisa Congdon, author of my other recently published book, A Collection a Day.