The Art of Suhur

I am always interested to know how the magazine inspires people. When Mustaali Raj, an avid subscriber and regular visitor to my studio, mentioned that issue #9's exploration on how food inspires creativity led to a photo project with The Western Muslim, I was curious to see more.

"Of all the meals eaten during Ramadan, the Suhur (the pre-fajr morning meal) is the most diverse amongst Muslims all over the world. We thought to ourselves, wouldn’t it be interesting to see what others are eating? And we did just that. The Western Muslim is presenting “The Art of Suhur”, a photo album on our facebook page showcasing suhur meals."

Mustaali has sent in submissions for almost every open call! We published his matchbox labels, but alas didn't have enough room to include his pet portrait in the current issue. So behold, Cuddles, the pet cockatiel:

Thanks, Mustaali!