Urban Legend

I had been coveting a necklace from Etsy seller (and UPPERCASE reader!) Urban Legend. This one, above, with its blues and oranges is now mine.

Kateri Morton writes, "I use vintage Lucite beads, sterling silver and brass chain to create playful designs that retain a sense of urban sophistication. I started making jewelry in 2006, and fell in love with vintage glass beads after finding a handful of old jewelry at a flea market. My joy in using these beautifully colored and finely crafted beads turned into an obsessive treasure hunt for more, and I've been collecting and designing with vintage beads ever since. Recently, I've especially enjoyed using vintage Lucite beads for their incredible quality, detail and lightweight comfort. I wanted to create a space to showcase these brighter, bolder pieces, and that's how urban legend came into being."

Kateri has a second shop selling these beautiful "ingredients"...