St. Paul

So a mere 24 hours ago I was uploading the final print files for Issue #11 and now I am sitting in a hotel in St. Paul, Minnesota, doing my homework for the start of The Creative Connection tomorrow morning. It is kind of hard to adjust my brain, from being so focused on the final and minute details of the magazine to now have to think outwardly and prepare for an event with apparently 700 attendees!

I have enjoyed my jam-packed 10 hours in St. Paul so far: the hotel is beautiful, I met with Sharon Werner of Werner Design Werks (I've admired her design work for years!), enjoyed wandering the city for a while (though the wind in bitter cold, which doesn't help my ringing ears from a head cold + air travel), visited a gallery show of Jennifer Davis and Amy Rice, and to top it off, dinner with Tif and Jessie followed by a nice chat by the fire. (Alas, no hot chocolate, Tif! You'll have to carry some in a flask.)

I've got my big camera and laptop with me, so I'll blog recaps when I can. But if you want to follow along in real time, I'll be on @uppercasemag on twitter and instagram sending dispatches from the event.