The long way here

Greetings from Salt Lake City, Utah. I left home around 5:30am with plenty of time to get through customs and such. Unfortunately, due to the extremely cold weather (-30 degrees celcius plus wind chill), the plane's computer system was non functioning and required rebooting. The flight was delayed a few hours, and thus my connection to Salt Lake via San Francisco was lost. So after landing in SFO, I had enough time to grab a sandwich before boarding to Pheonix, Arizona. Wearing my winter boots and lugging around my coat and sweaters!

Landing in Arizona and seeing palm trees was really strange. Not where I imagined I'd be today! After another delay in getting the third plane out to the runway, at last it was take off to Salt Lake. I arrived about 15 hours after I began, which is actually a bit longer than it would take to drive from Calgary to Utah!

My bags are still in San Francisco, but I guess I'll see them in the morning. Good thing I have a whole extra day tomorrow to take it easy. The Grand America Hotel is incredibly grand indeed! My suite is big enough to host a mini party right here. And once my bags arrive (which are full of party supplies and camera equipment for this Friday's Squarespace + UPPERCASE mini party with my clothing used like packing peanuts) we actually could.

Nighty night from Utah!