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The Relationship Between Traditional & New Media

Pilar GuzmanDeborah Needleman, & Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Moderated by Gabrielle Blair

This keynote was one I was excited about: Deborah Needleman the former editor of Domino magazine and now of the Wall Street Journal Magazine, Pilar Guzman the former editor of Cookie magazine and current editor of Martha Stewart Living and Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy. The discussion topic was the relationship of traditional media and new media. A few points:

• Publishers want expression across all channels of media. How can media enhance the idea? (Pilar)

• The legacy of print becomes cumbersome when making use of new media.

• There is a hard transition, one needs to die (print magazines) before the other can live (digital). There's a big shakeup happening and you want to be on the rising ship, not the sinking one. (Maxwell)

• Magazines are not going away, it is a matter of rebalancing between print and digital.

• Books are being embellished to show that they are worthy of print. (Pilar)

• Publishers must balance the slow pace of magazine with the quick pace of a blog. (Deborah)

• Things/ideas have to fight their way onto paper. (Deborah)

• Traditional print magazines are desparate to get credability. (Deborah)

• There is still the allure of magazine-making. "There is something magic about it." (Pilar)

• A magazine has a mission and everything delivers to that mission.