365 Days of Hand Lettering by Lisa Congdon

Day 1 of Lisa's new project

I really admire people who can dedicate themselves to a 365 (or 366 this year!) project. Lisa Congdon's 2010 A Collection a Day was certainly a wonderful example of how fulfilling and inspiring such an endeavour can be. I'm so proud of our book and will forever be grateful that Lisa allowed UPPERCASE to publish the project.

Lisa has just launched a new project: 365 Days of Hand Lettering:

Each day for 365 days for the year 2012 I will post an image of something I have hand-lettered: a letter of the alphabet, a word, a phrase, a quote, a name. Some of the lettering will be based on traditional forms of calligraphy or vintage lettering and some will be of my own design. I am taking a calligraphy class right now and will certainly incorporate much of what I learn and practice there. I will be mostly working with ink, nibs and brushes, but will occasionally use pens. Some of the designs will be quite simple and some more elaborate.

I'm sure Lisa's blog posts will be added inspiration to all of us working on improving our handwriting this year. 

A Collection a Day is available in the online shop. And it's on sale this week, you can save $10!