alt: mini party tonight!!!


Squarespace allows bloggers to take a hands-on approach to their website. Through the well-designed interface, great selection of templates, easy customization and robust platform, it is a great DIY solution for creating an online presence, particularly for those in creative fields.

UPPERCASE magazine's readers are designers, illustrators, bloggers, crafters, entrepreneurs—people who express themselves through all media in both their professional and personal lives. Though a print magazine, the UPPERCASE community is well-connected through the blog, twitter, flickr, etsy and other social media. The content is a collaboration with its print and blog readers and subscribers—as such it really is a magazine "handmade" by its own readership. The readership is enthusiastic, engaged and feel strongly that it is their magazine.

The theme "handmade by you" expresses both of our audiences: a person's signature is a basic way for someone to declare ownership and assert their personality. Through handwriting and drawing, we express our individuality. An artist signs their creative work. Grafitti and tagging take claim of urban spaces. And so, at the ALT party, Squarespace and UPPERCASE will invite attendees to use handwriting, doodling and tagging to declare their passions.

Follow the live blog and party pictures here:

Here are Ryan of Squarespace and me testing out the video/photo concept:

I've put a huge amount of effort into planning this party, so please come by. FREE MAGAZINES!!!