alt: handwritten by you

The party table runner graphics were made by some of the bloggers that I know who attended the conference. Squarespace had provided their handwritten slogan as a starting point, so the intent of asking more people was to have more a diversity of voices represented. Thank you:

Eva Jorgensen / Sycamore Street Press

Lisa Congdon / A Collection a Day / Today is Going to be Awesome

Erin Loechner / Design for Mankind

Alyssa Yuhas  / We like We Love

Jessie Senese / Shop Sweet Lulu

Brooke Reynolds / Inchmark 

I asked them to just scribble the theme "handmade by you" on a piece of paper and make whatever doodles came to mind. Had I had more budget for digital printouts, I would have liked to use more of the graphics, but I settled on the various interpretations of the words, making a wallpaper design out of it.