Textiles: Clara Vuletich at Harvest

images from the Harvest blog
There's an intriguing collaboration going on down under: Clara Vuletich (profiled on one of the early issues of the magazine) has spending time at Harvest Textiles this month.

The residency will explore the concept of 'local textiles’. Clara hopes to combine her knowledge of sustainable textile print and dye processes with her interest in new forms of design and community activity that promote ‘home-grown’ knowledge/skills and encourage well-being.

"We live in a globalised world where most of our clothing, textiles and objects are made abroad and we are disconnected to the making of most of the products in our lives," says Clara. "How can we re-connect? The idea of ‘local’ has gained prominence in most urban cities with slow food, farmers markets, the sprouting of an urban agriculture movement and the re-emergence of independent retailers and companies, who offer us trust, loyalty and a sense of community. But what does this mean for textiles?"

(I'm excited to receive a package from Harvest to feature in issue #13.)