home sweet home

My suitcase is packed and I am just a few hours away from heading to Schiphol and heading home. Hopefully without any delays. My visit to the Netherlands has been wonderful and I look forward to sharing more stories and images. But I'm keeping this post light since the Squarespace team in New York is running their data servers in an example of the best tech support I've ever heard of: 

"We have been running hour by hour by manually carrying fuel to our generators (17 floors) with support from the building. As the night goes on, this becomes a bit more difficult to sustain, as fuel trucks are appearing more intermittently as the night progresses. For now, we remain online. Thank you all for your patience. As before, we do not have a sustainable solution to the energy problem, but we persevere in our efforts to get more fuel on site and get a pump connected."


I shared on twitter earlier this evening, but if your home is a soggy mess when the water subsides and you've lost your magazines I will try to replace them.

And—thank you for all the Home Sweet Home submissions that are coming in tonight, in time for the submission deadline. The theme just seems particularly poignant right now.