DesignThinkers: Chris Hacker

"If everyone does better then we do better." 

Chris Hacker leads all creative processes for brand identity, packaging design and brand imagery for Johnson & Johnson consumer companies. The Global Strategic Design Office is based in New York City and has branch offices globally. The office consists of designers, engineers and technical staff who apply strategic design thinking within the company, in particular related to issues of sustainability. Prior to joining J&J, Chris was Senior VP of Global Marketing and Design for Aveda. Under his leadership, Aveda received the 2004 National Design Award for Corporate Achievement from the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. (from DesignThinkers site)

My notes from Chris Hacker's presentation:

Designers are on a journey where someone gives us a problem and we head out on a journey to find a solution.

Companies need both left and right-brained people

The vision at Jjohnson & Johnson is "caring for the world one person at a time"

Make a case study out of every project

Create a repository of what the brand stands for

"Designers have a responsibility to help make change happen in our world." 

"Remember the dump" i.e. landfill, when making design decisions

Environmental responsibility and economic success are not mutually exclusive

When Johnson & Johnson discovered that Bandaid boxes in Brazil were made from Amazon forest they decided to grow their own sustainable trees.

"Add one paradigm to your design process" think about the blue planet — how can the work you're doing be lighter on the planet make the environment a priority in your work."

"If your boss is a Republican, don't tell him/her, just do it."