byline: Carolyn Fraser

When it comes to UPPERCASE magazine contributors, the quality of writing by Melbourne-based letterpress printer Carolyn Fraser is always top-notch.



As an editor, I look forward to Carolyn's articles because I know that they will be informative, but also contain beautiful writing. I am happy to see that Carolyn is contributing to the Etsy blog with an article about The Nicholas Building:

"For many, the Nicholas Building is the last stronghold of an artistic culture that thrived in downtown Melbourne in the late eighties and early nineties, before cafés opened and the old warehouses and office buildings were converted into luxury apartments. Designed by Harry Norris and constructed in 1926, the once grand building has steadily declined from its early days as a model commercial office building to the scruffy decrepitude it’s in today. The toilets often don’t work. Piles of tiles lie smashed at the base of the walls from which they’ve fallen. Crazy nests of telephone and electrical wires sprout from the ceiling. But rather than recognise these hazards for what they most probably are – evidence of a possible death trap – Nicholas Building tenants hold onto these signs as a guarantee of their continued tenancy."

Look for an article about tintypes written by Carolyn Fraser in issue #16 and enjoy our back issues, each with a gem of writing by Carolyn. Fingerprints, kiss impressions in letterpress, fancy dress, Cash's labels to amateur chemistry and typographic specimens... Carolyn has covered a lot of creative territory over the years!