up in the air: heading to Toronto

If you've been following the blog these past few weeks, then you've been tagging along on my amazing trip to Hello Etsy and the Netherlands. Though I've been home for a week already, I took more than enough photos and visited so many places that the posts kept coming!

And today the whole family is heading to Toronto—I will be attending DesignThinkers to help promote the magazine and then I'm looking forward to some family time in the big city.

If you are attending DesignThinkers, be sure to pick up your complimentary introductory copy of UPPERCASE magazine! I am giving away a whopping 1200 copies in an attempt to garner more Canadian subscriptions. Only 25% of our subscribers are in Canada, so we could definitely use the help being recognized in our own country. If you are attending and already a subscriber, feel free to take an issue to give to a friend as a gift. Help spread the love. Follow me on Twitter for special discount codes for those unable to attend the conference!

Highlights from last year's DesignThinkers:

Chip Kidd loves to swear

Hacker, hustler, hipsters: Rei Inamoto

Don't call him Mad Men: George Lois