art basel farewell

Guest post by Rose Zgodzinski

We come to Art Basel to look and absorb as much of the experience and atmosphere as is possible. We’ve never bought anything at any of the fairs, although we have considered a few pieces over the years. The experience is always overwhelming, probably the word that best describes our treks through Art Basel week… but overwhelming in a good way.

If you are a novice and are considering going it might help to do a little research first and then understand that there is no possible way to see it all! So relax, breathe and just start anywhere. 

If you know what you like, try and tailor your experience to the fairs that will interest you. (Granted it is a bit hard to distinguish when almost every fair uses the same descriptions: "cutting edge contemporary works, emerging or mid-career, internationally renowned artists". The NADA (New Art Dealers Association) Fair, thankfully, was described as avant-guard—not to everyone’s taste—and they were right!


But more than anything, the Art Basel experience provides something for everyone—even man's best friend! On our last day, wandering through the Design district  (in the Buena Vista building) we came across Architecture for Dogs, an exhibit organized through the Design Miami Fair, a celebration of the relationship between humans and their canines. Check out the website that accompanies the exhibit, where you can download free blueprints of the 13 projects on display.

artwork by Vanessa German

artwork by Vanessa German

A highlight for both of us this year were these tar-baby assemblages by Vanessa German—beautifully forged entities, all precariously perched, and encrusted in found objects. They come prepared with everything that they might need, and are strong and frail, old, yet new. Vanessa German, who has also performed as a spoken word artist, is represented by Pavel Zoubok Gallery, a gallery specializing in collage, assemblage & mixed media.


These globes by Ingo Gunther gave me serious Infographic envy!


I'm looking forward to next year’s visit, and everything in between…