stay toasty in the new year


Angela Navarra loves toast and toasters so much that she has commemorated that adoration for each month of 2013 with the Tastee Toaster Calendar. I asked Angela what fostered her particular obsession and if she collected toasters...

"I do have a collection of toasters. Unfortunately, I had to sell a few due to space issues. At one point I think I had 12 of them in my studio apartment and I started feeling like a toaster hoarder. There were just too many so I had to figure out a way to utilize them in other ways. I started using them as mail, napkin, kitchen utensil  & flower holders!  I'll never forget that day my parents came over and saw all of these toasters everywhere. They looked at me like I was insane and told me to make more friends and to possibly start dating more. Oh my goodness, I still crack up just thinking about it! 

At the age of 7, toast was the first thing I was allowed to make. After making anyone toast I felt such a sense of accomplishment. "Would you like butter? What about Nutella? Jam? Maybe tomato sauce? I think we might have gummy bears too!"  I loved it because anything tastes great with toast. 

One of the many things that fascinated me about toasters was that they looked so unassuming. It was this metal box sitting on the countertop and it made a plain piece of bread so much tastier (well to me at least). I got such a kick waiting for the bread to pop up! I would wait eagerly and watch it every time."

Let's all "toast" in the new year!