12: A Field Guide to Tape

photo by Beebee
Issue 12 has a fun article called "A Field Guide to Tape". Written by our youngest contributor so far, I met Beebee at last summer's Renegade fair in LA. I had been planning this article for a while, but after seeing Beebee's blog and zines, I thought she would do a nice job on the topic of tapes. She's quite an expert!

As editor, one of the exciting and fulfilling things about UPPERCASE is inviting people who have never been published before to contribute in one way or another. (It doesn't matter that you're not a "real" writer or "professional" artist—if you show passion and talent, that's all I need.)

photo by BeebeeHere's a closer view of the illustration by Michael Mateyko that accompanies the article. I love how his Scotch tape pattern makes a great suit for this snail/tape creature.

illustration by Michael Mateyko