And then

This February marks my seventh year at Art Central. It has been a significant number of years, with some major life-changing events marking the way such as opening UPPERCASE gallery, books & papergoods, getting married (both in 2005), publishing my first book (The Shatner Show, 2007), launching UPPERCASE magazine (2009), retiring from client design work (2009), closing the retail aspect of my studio (end of 2009), having a baby (2010). The original name "UPPERCASE gallery, books & papergoods" and "Vangool Design & Typography" and their corresponding vinyl letters adorning my studio windows no longer apply to what my workspace is today. It is now primarily a creative office, my publishing headquarters. I still love the space and how it has transformed over the years. UPPERCASE has turned into something bigger and better than I could have imagined seven years ago.

And so, I peeled off my letters yesterday. The beautiful ampersand was the last to go.