Little Studio Nordic Happy Design

I received a very nice introductory email letter from Little Studio (Sweden) with these lovely pictures of their wares attached.

Marit Lissdaniels and Angelica Utterberg are the names behind Little Studio. We offer playful and cheerful design, which is supposed to fit equally well to adults as to children. We opened up our shop in 2010, and we got a really good response. At first we only offered graphic prints, now we have expanded our collection with pillowcases, trays and cutting boards. Children's ability to see things for more than what they really are, is a great inspiration to us. For example, a triangle could just be a triangle—but it can also be a mountain. Or a circle, a circular symbol, can with other circles turn into soap bubbles.

We try to avoid the traditional gender roles, we want everything to fit all. It's so much more fun we think, when you erase these boundaries and get to choose freely. Instead, we try to create designs that with the aid of imagination, color and shape conveys a special feeling.

I quite like these bubbles!